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יום שלישי, 31 בדצמבר 2013

מאזינים לנתניהו, פורצים לבלקברי - TAO And ANT

מאזינים לנתניהו, פורצים לבלקברי: נחשפה "סיירת ההאקרים" של ה-NSA

אדוארד סנודן הדליף לעיתון גרמני פרטים ראשונים על יחידת TAO, כוח ההאקרים המיוחד של ה-NSA. היחידה פרצה למחשבים אפילו לפני שהגיעו לבית הלקוח, פיצחה את אבטחת ג'וניפר, סיסקו ובלקברי ואפילו האזינה לראש הממשלה ולאנגלה מרקל

TAO, או Tailored Access Operations, היא יחידה המונה מאות האקרים וגיקים צעירים ולא שגרתיים המבצעים את כל המשימות המיוחדות של הסוכנות. "דר שפיגל" חושף את היחידה, וכיצד היא הצליחה לפתח כלים שיכולים לחדור לכמעט כל מחשב ומערכת.

נתניהו. מאות האקרים גויסו למשימה
נתניהו. מאות האקרים גויסו למשימהצילום: משה מילנר, לע"מ

הכלים של היחידה הם ששימשו את ה-NSA למעקב אחרי משרד ראש הממשלה ומשרד הביטחון הישראלי, משרד קנצלרית גרמניה, בכירים באיטליה ובאיחוד האירופי.

כוח המחץ, עם מקלדת

לידי "דר שפיגל" הגיע מסמך בן חמישים עמודים שהוא לא פחות מקטלוג מוצרים - רשימה של עשרות אלפי מחשבים, רשתות תקשורת, מערכות הפעלה ותוכנות אבטחה, לפי יצרניות. לצד כל מוצר מופיע תיאור הכלי שיכול לשמש לפרוץ אליהם, והעלות המשוערת של הכלי. לפי הקטלוג, רוב המערכות כבר נפרצו לפני מספר שנים טובות.

אחד ממרכזי המבצעים המקוונים של ה-NSA
אחד ממרכזי המבצעים המקוונים של ה-NSAצילום: איי אף פי

ברוב המקרים, TAO כבר הצליחה לשתול פירצות בתוך מערכות ההפעלה ברמה העמוקה ביותר – "דלת אחורית" המאפשרת לאנשי ה-NSA להשתלט מרחוק על המחשב מתי שירצו. כך למשל, TAO פרצה כמעט את כל מוצרי חברת ג'וניפר וסיסקו האמריקאיות, יצרנית המחשבים Dell וחואווי הסינית. הם גם הצליחו לפרוץ למערכת ההודעות המיידיות של בלקברי, שנחשבה כ"בלתי פריצה".

TAO משתמשת במגוון טכניקות כדי להחדיר את ערכות הפריצה שפיתחה בצורה עצמאית לתוך החומרה. בין השאר, ה-NSA לוכד משלוחים בדרכם ללקוחות - אם תזמינו מחשב נייד, טאבלט, סמארטפון או רכיב רשת תקשורת דרך האינטרנט מאתר אמריקאי, יש סיכוי שהוא ייורט בדרכו אליכם ושהוטמנה בו תוכנת ריגול שאינה ניתנת להסרה.

להשיג את הבלתי מושג

שיטה אחרת בה משתמשים אנשי TAO היא ניתוב הגלישה של המשתמש לאתר דמה בו נשתלת עליו תוכנת המעקב. לפי המסמכים שהודלפו, הטכניקה הזו עובדת ב-50% אחוז מהמקרים, במיוחד באתרים אמריקאיים כיאהו ופייסבוק. שירותי גוגל, ככל הנראה בגלל מיקום שרתיה, חסינים כמעט לחלוטין להשתלטות אמריקאית - אם כי לפי ה-NSA, לסוכנות הביון הבריטית GCHQ יש אחוזי הצלחה גבוהים ביירוט תעבורת רשת לשירותי גוגל. שתי סוכנויות הביון משתפות פעולה בצורה נרחבת.

החטיבה אחראית לפריצה של 85 אלף מחשבים מדי שנה והמספר נמצא בצמיחה מתמדת. ראש החטיבה לשעבר, ששמה לא נמסר, אמרה כי TAO "השיגה בעבר את המידע הכי חשוב שהמדינה הזו אי פעם אספה. אנחנו מתמחים בהשגה של הבלתי מושג, וגישה למטרות הכי קשות".

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NSA’s arsenal


Photo Gallery: How the NSA Infiltrates Computers

One weapon in the NSA’s arsenal is a method that allows for spyware to be planted undetected on almost any computer. "QUANTUMINSERT" is based on secret, super fast NSA servers. Top secret documents show precisely how the system works -- and that it is in no way used exclusively to track suspected terrorists. more...

Photo Gallery: NSA's TAO Unit Introduces Itself

The NSA's Tailored Access Operations (TAO) unit provides access in places where the intelligence service is unable to get to using traditional methods, like undersea Internet cables. An internal presentation shows how the specialists do their work. more...

Photo Gallery: How the Intelligence Service Cracks Internet Hubs

The NSA’s arsenal includes a method that makes it possible to outfit nearly any computer with spyware, undetected. “QUANTUMINSERT” makes use of secret, superfast NSA servers. Strictly confidential documents show the exact workings of this system, which is by no means applied only to suspected terrorists. more...

Photo Gallery: A Powerful NSA Toolbox

Internal documents reveal the powerful tookbox America's NSA has at its disposal for spying around the world. They reveal the ambitions of the the intelligence agency's Tailored Access Operations unit and the digital tools at its disposal.more...

Photo Gallery: 'Connections within High-Level Nazi Circles'

Hildebrand Gurlitt, the man who put together the art collection recently discovered in Munich, was more deeply involved in the trade of looted art than previously assumed. He also profited from Nazi injustices after the war. more...

Photo Gallery: The Cornwall Lists

Documents from the archive of whistleblower and former NSA worker Edward Snowden show that Britain's GCHQ signals intelligence agency has targeted European, German and Israeli politicians for surveillance. more...

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5 broken camera - a manipulation pro Palestinian movie

LA JOLLA, California –This past weekend (June 22-24), the La Jolla Country Day School launched its first Young Leaders Film Festival. It was marketed to the general public rather than being  an internal academic exercise  (taking advantage of the fact that school is out during the summer). Four films were presented twice over the weekend. The main theme could be called “Triumph of the Human Spirit” since each film depicted individuals in very adverse circumstances who  managed to emerge transformed for the better, or determined not to be beaten down and defeated.

All good and well, at least at first sight. However, among these four films, the organizers had picked one that is set in the treacherous waters of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Again, nothing wrong with that at first glance, except that the film chosen, 5 Broken Cameras, turned out to be resolutely biased and one-sided in favor of the Palestinian side, creating a small flurry of anxiety in the Jewish community.
The LJCDS committee that chose the films realized that they had picked a hot potato in this case, but chose to go ahead nevertheless on the grounds that it was a good topic to debate. The school consequently accepted the offer made by StandWithUs San Diego Chapter Director Audrey Jacobs to have me in my capacity as executive director of Training and Education About the Middle East (TEAM) make a few comments after each screening to bring some balance to the debate. The LJCDS had also invited another speaker, but for unspecified reasons he couldn’t make it. And so it happened that I ended up being the only commentator, even though I would have preferred a panel format, as the school had set out to do.
Be that as it may, viewed on its own merits, 5 Broken Cameras is a very biased and openly pro-Palestinian film. There is a slew of them out there (“Checkpoint”, “Occupation 101″, “Israel vs. Israel”, “Life in Occupied Palestine”, or “Tears of Gaza” - reviewed by this writer here.
All these movies have at least three characteristics in common: microscopic view of a much wider issue, intentional de-contextualization to isolate the viewer from the larger picture, and heavily  manipulative emotional content to better rile viewers against Israel.
Let’s review each one.
1. Microscopic view of a much wider issue:  5 Broken Cameras focuses on the West Bank town of Bilin, where the local population, supported by a steady flow of international supporters, has been demonstrating for years on a weekly basis against the Israeli occupation. They do so allegedly in a “non-violent” manner, but I can’t see how throwing hundreds of rocks and bricks on Israeli jeeps can be deemed non-violent. Just the same, the process of focusing relentlessly (for 90 long minutes) on a small group of Palestinian villagers without providing any information that would explain the context in which to place their struggle leaves the uninformed person to conclude that Israel is persecuting innocent Palestinian civilians for no other reason than sheer cruelty. And that is of course the entire purpose of the film. A more objective film would have presented the macroscopic view of the conflict as opposed to only one of its tiny components.
2. Intentional de-contextualization to isolate the viewer from the larger picture:  No one explains in the film why the security barrier came up in the first place (in the wake of the murderous second intifada in 2000 which killed 1,000 innocent Israeli civilians and left more than 3,000 maimed for life), or why Israel came to occupy the West Bank (because it was attacked by Jordan, Egypt and Syria in 1967 and ended up with this territory in the process of defending itself against Arab aggression), or why it is still there 25 years later (because the Arabs first, and the Palestinians later have systematically rejected all peace offers made by Israel to relinquish the West Bank in exchange for peace). Viewed from that perspective, the true intent of the film and its sheer hypocrisy are immediately evident. The de-contextualization of the film is not accidental, but premeditated.
3. Heavily manipulative emotional content:  This is the pro-Palestinian films’ classical trademark: focus on a few figures and induce viewers to identify with them emotionally. The result is entirely predictable. By the time the film is over, people are inevitably so riled up against Israel and the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) that they are furious at the Jewish State for having the audacity to defend itself against relentless Palestinian attacks (as illustrated, in a strange counterpoint, by the approximately 150 rockets fired by Hamas into Israel in the previous week alone).
As a result, while this type of film is certainly worth watching (if only to analyze the fine art of crafting propaganda films), it is important to come prepared in order to sort out facts from fiction and to add context and perspective. Not everyone has enough knowledge about the myriads of facts surrounding the Middle East conflict to be able to judge instantly whether they are witnessing an honest depiction or are merely being duped.
Again, the La Jolla Country Day School took the right approach when presenting such a controversial film, and it is to be hoped that the model they offered, i.e. have a panel of speakers with different views to comment on the film after its screening, can be repeated next year as well as emulated in other schools. In this respect, it is worth noting that the LJCDS did not fall for the usual trap set in this this type of situation by pro-Palestinian activists, i.e. invite an obviously pro-Palestinian Palestinian or Arab together with a Jewish or Israeli activist deemed to “represent” the Israeli side but who in fact turns out to be more pro-Palestinian than some of the most anti-Israel Palestinians. The trick is commonly used on campuses by intellectually dishonest professors who thus dupe hundreds of people in the audience by convincing them that everyone, Arabs and Jews alike, are united in condemning Israel. That happened both at SDSU and UCSD in the last few years. Good thing the LJCDS didn’t allow that to happen in their school.
J.J. Surbeck is Executive Director of T.E.A.M. (Training and Education About the Middle East), a local non-profit organization dedicated to bringing balance to the debate about the Middle East conflict. He can be reached at info@sandiegoteam.org .

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Palestinian ‘honour’ killing

Anatomy of an ‘honour’ killing: Why a Palestinian community demanded a father murder his divorced daughter

Thamar Zeidan was murdered by her father when he choked her to death as she 
took an afternoon nap in their small, conservative West Bank village.
“Honour crimes” are rarely talked about in Palestinian society, but Ms. Zeidan’s mother and sister have gone public to highlight the case and reveal the immense pressure her father came under to commit the crime.
The Media Line
The Media Line
Extended members of the Thamar Zeidan's family accused her of "disgraceful and outrageous acts" in a petition that was widely circulated in her village of Deir Al Ghusun, near the West Bank town of Tulkarem. Reacting to demands to restore the family's honour, Munther killed his daughter.
Extended members of the woman’s family accused her of “disgraceful and outrageous acts” in a petition that was widely circulated in her village of Deir Al Ghusun, near the West Bank town of Tulkarem.
The petition demanded Ms. Zeidan’s father, Munther, “reinstate the cultural and religious morals in his family.”
It was posted in five local mosques during Friday prayer and signed by more than 50 relatives, including Abed Al-Rahman Zeidan, a Palestinian lawmaker.
“My husband was under tremendous pressure,” said Ms. Zeidan’s mother, Laila. “The family wanted to banish us from the West Bank and people started rumours that my husband wasn‎‎’t mentally stable.”
Reacting to demands to restore the family’s honour, Munther killed his daughter, Laila Zeidan said.
“My husband is a peaceful man and this is completely out of character, but the pressure was too intense.”
There have been 27 “honour crimes” in Palestinian areas this year, compared with 13 last year, according to organizations who keep track of such murders.
My husband is a peaceful man and this is completely out of character, but the pressure was too intense
“It’s not clear that honour killing is on the rise, but we can say that documenting such cases has improved and police and media are more aware of them,“ said Surayda Hassan, the general director of the Women Affairs Technical Committee.
Ms. Zeidan, 32, was killed in September, but her family are only now speaking out to highlight the tragedy and bring public attention to “honour killings,” which are a sensitive subject in Palestinian society.
Ms. Zeidan divorced her husband four years ago and moved back in with her parents. However, to gain her freedom she had to give up custody of her three children.
Problems began when she became friendly with Iyad Na’lweh, a labourer who worked in Israel. He was married, but promised to make Ms. Zeidan his second wife, which is legal in Islamic law.
Although she wanted to marry him, her family objected, saying he had a drinking problem.
On the night of Sept. 17, Mr. Na’lweh was seen outside Ms. Zeidan’s house. Rumours, many of them false, began to spread.
“People said they had been together in her room for the past three days, but that’s impossible,” Laila Zeidan said. “In fact I had been in the hospital and she spent the past three days in my room there.”
Men from the neighbourhood attacked Mr. Na’lweh and he ran into the house. The police were called and the attackers, who believed they were defending her honour, were arrested.
The men were later released and Ms. Zeidan was taken to Ramallah by her sister and brother-in-law so matters could calm down. But then the petition began circulating.
He told us she will be safe and he won’t surrender to the family’s pressure
Its aim was to protect the honour of the Zeidan family, which is conservative and has its own customs and traditions, Abed Al-Rahman Zeidan, the lawmaker who signed it, told Maan, a Palestinian news agency. However, he denounced “honour killings” as a violation of Islamic teaching.
Ms. Zeidan’s mother said she hoped she could appease relatives by disciplining her daughter.
“I wanted my husband to discipline her. We took away her phone and limited her movement,” she said.
NP Graphics
NP Graphics
Click to Enlarge
Munther Zeidan later drove to Ramallah to bring his daughter home.
“He told us she will be safe and he won’t surrender to the family’s pressure,” said her sister, Suad.
However, the father then killed his daughter.
“My father doesn’t understand that he will go straight to hell now,” said Suad Zeidan.
After the killing, Munther Zeidan went to the local police station and turned himself in.
Later, the family found a letter he had written, outlining his plan to kill his daughter. It stated he held those who circulated the petition against the family to be responsible.
“Don’t hold any kind of funeral for my daughter, and don’t let those who signed the petition into my house,” the letter said.
Ms. Zeidan’s brother-in-law, Zaher Mohammed, said the family was outraged at the people behind the petition.
“Thamar’s sisters kicked relatives who came to pay their respects out of their house. They were angry because they believe these were the same people who helped spread gossip that led to killing Thamar,” he said.
For some of the relatives, the death was a cause for celebration. Ms. Zeidan’s aunt held a feast celebrating that the family’s honour had been restored.
Ms. Zeidan’s mother said she visits her husband weekly in jail, where he is awaiting trial for murder.
Suad Seidan said the family does not discuss the case when they see him.
“We avoid talking about it as he is suffering physically,” she said. “He only recently stopped crying.”

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איראן גרעינית - - INSS, 24.10.13

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    Can We Get a Good Deal with Iran?

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